Harmony Row

Wellness Way

In this peaceful area tucked away in the gardens of Morven Park, right across from our Calm Yoga Grove and Evening Music Grove, you can sign up for a session throughout the weekend with many practitioners, both traditional and in the growing alternative forms of healing.  You won't want to miss getting on the schedules of these renowned, vetted healers.  Ever had a reading from an Angelic Communicator, Ayurvedic Astrologer or Psychic Medium? Ever met a modern-day Shaman?  We assure you a session with either or several of them will be a moving and thoughtful experience, leaving you pondering what you've heard and learned.  When you arrive at our Retreat, be sure wander through Wellness Way, talk with our healers and book your session.  More traditional forms of healing such as Acupuncture, Massage, Reiki and Reflexology will also be available from local practitioners.

Don't miss booking a session with one, or more, of these poignant Healers! You may contact them beforehand to be sure and get on their weekend schedule -

Compassionate Beginnings - http://www.compassionatebeginnings.org

Inner Peace Wellness - www.innerpeacewellness.massagetherapy.com & www.healingheartsashburn.com

Ksanati  Astrology  - www.jyotishastrology.org (for an accurate reading, know your time of birth)

Sacred Soul Inspiration - sacredsoulinspiration.com

SoulSana - http://soulsana.com

Terrie Christine - www.terriechristine.com

  We are blessed to have these Wellness Way Healers at our Retreat, and look forward to your benefiting from their work.

All spots have been filled for 2017 and we all hope to see you there!

October 6–8, 2017

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In memory of young Ryan, our Inaugural year's charity of record
is The Ryan Bartel Foundation, who will receive 5% of our gross
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