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Things to Know about our YogaFest Retreat!

Who can attend?

Any and everyone! We welcome those that are yoga-curious as well as yoga enthusiasts of all ages. Men, Women, teens and children are invited to take part in our meaningful weekend and our robust daily and weekend schedule reflects there’s something for everyone - Click here to register!


When can we arrive?

Gates will open on Friday at noon with our first classes beginning at 1:30pm. On Saturday and Sunday, gates open at 7 am with first morning classes beginning at 8 am.


What should I wear to the weekend?

Dress comfortably for the weather - we suggest you layer for cool then you can shed some clothing if it gets warmer. You don’t have to have the latest in Yoga clothing – sweatpants, tights, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, whatever makes you feel completely comfortable. We suggest you wear sneaks which can be taken off during Yoga class (many take class in their socks or bare feet) but the sneakers will come in handy when walking around Morven Park and for each day’s 5 pm meditative nature walk.



What should I bring to the classes and workshops?

To start with, remember to bring sunscreen and a natural form of bug spray and if you don’t have one, investing in a Yoga mat which can be inexpensively purchased at places like Target, Walmart and such, is a good idea if you intend to take the Yoga classes. If your focus is our Blended Tent workshops a beach towel will do. Either way we encourage you to consider bringing a small blanket with you, often at the close of class it’s nice to cover yourself with one for added peace and relaxation.


Do I need to choose which classes/workshops I want to attend beforehand?

Absolutely not. Look at our robust schedule to get an idea of which you’d like to take, but remain open. Follow your heart and pick
and choose as the spirit moves you.



What are my food options at this YogaFest Retreat?

This is very important to know and absorb - two options exist. You can either pack a picnic with plenty of water to hydrate you through the day and bring that with you, or you can make it easy and pre-purchase our fresh and local food tent option so your meals are freshly prepared and ready for you in the tent during mealtimes (breakfast is served from 8 am – 9:30 am; lunch from 11:30 am – 1: 30 pm and dinner from 4:30 pm – 6: 30 pm). From experience, this is such a great option, you can come care free, enjoy all the classes and workshops you wish to then at mealtimes mosey over to the tent and gain access with your food tent tickets provided to you on arrival to enjoy amazing Vegetarian and Vegan meals uniquely prepared and freshly served by Flesh catering.


In between classes in what other ways can I enjoy the beauty of Morven Park?

Foremost spend time visiting with our Harmony Row and Wellness Way Vendors, they have products and services like none-other. As well please feel free to bring a lawn chair or blanket and spread out to just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery at Morven Park. Be sure to also walk the gardens and quietly sit around their beautiful Reflecting Pool and do just that - reflect. There are also walking trails past the Mansion and while each day at 5 pm there will be a Guided Meditative Nature Walk by Donna, you can explore the trails anytime!


What options are there to keep me fueled for the day?

If you don't pre-purchase the fresh and local food tent wristband, remember to pack a picnic and bring plenty of water with you. No food trucks or vendors will be on site. Even if you've pre-purchased the fresh and local food tent wristband, bring water with you for classes.


Any helpful hints for those that stay until after sunset?

Yes, have your phone flashlight ready to fire up or bring a small flashlight with you for a little extra light after the music to guide you from the Music Grove to the gravel lot. Once there larger lights will guide you to your car for a safe journey home.


Is Photography, Audio/Video recording permitted?

You are welcome to take photos and videos of the beautiful venue, especially if you’ll be sharing on social media. Please do be mindful of those taking classes and our instructors as to not disrupt them or infringe upon the privacy of other attendees.



Is there an inclement weather plan?

Our Wellness & YogaFest goes on rain or shine. Yoga and Workshops take place under large tents.



Is alcohol, smoking or pets permitted?

No, this is a true wellness event, therefore by choice it’s Alcohol and Smoke free. While we love the pets, it’s also Pet Free. Finally, please remember to supervise the items you bring, as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Should we find items, there will be a Lost & Found at the Vendor check in area in the gravel parking lot.

October 6–8, 2017

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